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  • Cashback Product Search (2-4%)

How BearDog Works

  1. Join for Free - Create a BearDog account which takes just seconds and doesn't require a credit card. All you need is an email address and password.
  2. Search for Products -Type the product name into BearDog’s search engine. Click on the desired product link and make a purchase.
  3. Get Paid - BearDog sends you a rebate check in the mail upon your request for the amount of cash back in your account once you have a minimum of $15.

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What is “Crowdshopping™"?

Crowdshopping™ gives everyone an opportunity to earn a higher percentage cashback. The more everyone purchases through BearDog, the greater the cashback percentage to everyone. As we grow, we ALL grow.

BearDog Allows You to:

  1. Shop the way you normally do, from the same retailers that you probably already use.
  2. Search for the exact products you are looking for.
  3. Gives a flat starting percentage of 2% cashback on everything – no hooks, no gimmicks, no promotion of products you don’t need, no unwanted emails. 4% for business users.
  4. Mails you a check upon request within 45 days once you have reached the $15 limit. A real check in your hand. No extra fees, no back and forth.

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